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T Shirts Printed

If you’ve ordered a batch of custom t-shirts, printed by T Shirt, there’s a good chance you’ve been wondering about caring for your shirts once they arrive.

The good news is that all our t-shirts have full washing and care instructions printed on the label, and they’re all colourfast and machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about having to hand wash them! There are some great tips we can give you to ensure that the t shirts printed by us last longer, and in this article, we share them with you.

The first piece of good advice for caring for t shirts printed by T Shirt (and most other garments in fact) is to hang them up inside out if you dry your clothes on an outdoor washing line, or in the sun. That’s because the sun fades colours quickly, even when you’re talking about high quality garments, like the ones offered by T Shirt When you dry our t shirts inside out, the inside of the t shirt will fade, but the outside will stay looking bright and fresh for longer, giving you more wear!

The next great piece of advice we have for caring for t shirts printed by T Shirt is to iron them inside out, using a cool iron. By doing that, you avoid the risk of scorching the print, and you can still have smooth, wrinkle free t shirts that look great.

Most of our clients find that t shirts printed on high quality fabric, like the fabrics we use, using high quality inks (like ours) give them a much longer wear than cheap alternatives, and while we always like to make sure our prices are competitive, it’s that quality that we’re going for.

If you’d like to know anything else about getting t shirts printed, having them delivered to you in the UK, or caring for them after they’ve arrived, feel free to give us a call on 0800 046 7633. We’re always more than happy to share advice.