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T Shirt Printing UK

If you’re looking for t-shirt printing in the UK, then there are a few things you should know.

The first important fact about t-shirt printing in the UK is that you need to have a high quality, well drawn, professional design if you are planning to have your garments screen printed. This will result in the highest quality image being reproduced on your t-shirt. If you don’t have a logo or an image for your custom t-shirts yet, it’s a good idea to consider approaching a professional designer, and when you do, to let them know that you’re probably going to be printing on t-shirts as well as using your design elsewhere (if that’s applicable.) That way, you should get a design that looks great, and is easier and cheaper to print.

The second thing you need to know about t-shirt printing in the UK is that while digital and other methods of printing may be cheaper than screen printing, on small quantities, but screen printing often delivers better results, and on larger quantities, it’s often much cheaper to opt for screen printing.

The next important fact you need to remember about t-shirt printing in the UK is that you shouldn’t only consider local companies, when looking for a company to print your t-shirts and other garments. We, for instance, have clients from around the country, who have found that even with our courier delivery service, our products are competitively priced, and that the quality and service is what they need.

If you are looking for t-shirt printing in the UK, and you have any other questions, then why not give us a call on 0800 046 7633. We’re always more than happy to answer questions, and explain the process.

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