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Screen Printing

Often, when our clients contact us about t-shirt printing, they are unsure of exactly which type of printing is best suited to their needs. Fortunately, while we specialise in screen-printing, we also offer digital printing (and computerised embroidery) so whichever best suits your needs, we can accommodate you.

When deciding whether to opt for screen or digital printing for your t-shirt or garment printing project, the first consideration should be your design. Some images, like photographs, are just too detailed to be reproduced by screen-printing, which relies on spot colours to create the images on your garments. They are better suited to digital printing which can create detailed images like photographs easily and clearly.

When it comes to cost, screen-printing is usually the cheaper option, particularly if you want to print large numbers of t-shirts or garments. It does take time to set up the screens, but the process itself is quicker and cheaper than high volume digital printing, which is why we usually advise clients looking for graphic images or logos to opt for this type of printing.

Regardless of which printing option you choose, however, we do make sure that all of our printing is done on the very best quality t-shirts and garments, and we deliver throughout the UK, in record time, and have one of the lowest minimum order quantities out there.

So if you’re looking for a t shirt printing company that can deliver no matter what you need, and no matter where you are, why not contact us on 0800 046 7633, or by using the form on our website, for a fast free quote or to discuss your specific t shirt printing needs.