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Customised Hoodies

Customised hoodies are becoming a popular product. Businesses buy them for staff or as gifts, clubs and organisations order them for their members, and even schools and sports teams want customised hoodies for their students and teams. That’s exactly why T Shirt has made a point of offering the very best quality customised hoodies out there.

Our hoodies are made from only the best fabrics, which are colour safe, machine washable, warm, and cosy. We buy only from suppliers we trust, so we know that they are also well made, and will last a long, long time, and of course, like all of our other products; we offer the widest possible range of colours and styles.

That’s not all that makes our customised hoodies special though. We take those high quality hoodies, and apply your designs to the front, back or sleeves (or any combination you choose.) We use only the very best inks, and our screen printers are highly skilled, which ensures perfect results every time. We also have a high tech embroidery department, which handles any custom stitching you need done.

Once we’ve created your customised hoodies (and don’t forget, unlike many companies out there, we’ll do as few as a dozen for you), we send them to your door, anywhere in the UK, via courier service.

Whether it is a large order of many customised hoodies, you want for your business or whether you only need a few for your personal use, we apply the same high standard to all of our custom hoodies, and that is what makes them so special.

So if you’re looking for only the very best in customised hoodies (at great prices, and with more options to choose from than you could possibly need) contact us as 0800 046 7633, or via our website. We’re sure we can design a package that suits your needs, and your pocket.